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Transforming the military tactical vest into a useful and practical everyday vest, the techwear movement has reinvented this garment used to store magazines and ammunition. Its major advantage is to be able to optimize its storage capacity no matter what you wear. Thanks to its numerous pockets, it will be easier to store everything you need without being afraid of pickpockets.

Wear it under a sweater, a coat or a jacket to remain discreet in urban environments. Alternatively, to add a tactical dimension to your outfit and an apocalyptic look, wear it over a simple techwear shirt to keep it visible to everyone.

Why equip yourself with a techwear tactical vest ?

For its everyday practicality. Although it is potentially aesthetic with a very pronounced military design, the techwear tactical vest is above all a functional garment. We think in particular of its large ultra practical pockets arranged all around the vest. Ideal for storing your cell phone, keys, credit cards, or any other essential accessories in everyday life. Once equipped under a garment such as a sweater or jacket, the vest is perfectly hidden from potential thieves. What to be able to move in town without fear.

Beyond the many easily accessible pockets, the sleeveless techwear vest is a central tactical garment of a warcore outfit. A type of urban clothing strongly inspired by the dress codes of the army. Through its military inspiration, the warcore movement puts forward the tactical side, a very dark style and a very affirmed survivalist side. A sort of soldier 2.0 of modern times, coming out of a post-apocalyptic video game. In general, the followers of this style of clothing post pictures of themselves with replica automatic weapons, fake knives and their faces completely covered. With a futuristic techwear helmet, a face mask or with a balaclava that you will find in our techwear accessory collection. Of course, this is only a “cosplay” type outfit and not a real modern day warrior.

How to wear your techwear sleeveless vest ?

As we saw earlier, you can wear your vest in two different ways. Either by wearing it under a garment or over it. So, feel free to use it as an ergonomic vest with plenty of pockets for storage or as a fashion accessory to complement the style of your outfit. Either way, no matter what you choose, you can be sure of its practicality once you have it on you.

However, from a purely aesthetic point of view, we don’t recommend wearing your techwear vest over any clothing. Only over a t-shirt or a thin jacket. By the same token, you should not wear your tactical vest under a garment that is close to your body. Only a loose-fitting garment such as a hoodie, a loose jacket or a coat will be stylish.
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