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Essential for everyday life, the urban techwear jacket is both ultra-practical and very aesthetic. Its sometimes futuristic design allows you to complete a unique outfit. Above all designed with the aim of gaining in functionality and comfort, the techwear jackets have many pockets on the sleeves, the front of the jacket or in the inner lining. The materials that make up the jacket are innovative, breathable and sometimes waterproof. With or without hood, for summer or winter, find the jacket that suits you best!

The techwear jacket, the essential of an urban outfit

A must-have item in any futuristically designed streetwear outfit, the techwear jacket is undoubtedly the central element. The master piece and versatile of your style that offers you a wide choice of different looks. Pair it with a pair of jogging pants and sneakers for a sporty style and optimal comfort. With a cargo bag, a backpack and high boots for a hike or a walk in the woods. And with accessories such as a mask, helmet or a pair of gloves for perfect concealment in urban areas.

Among all the jackets, coats, parkas and windbreakers we offer, all you have to do is make your choice according to your needs. Ideally, we recommend that you have a mid-season jacket in your wardrobe, a warm and comfortable coat as well as a waterproof windbreaker in case of rainy weather.

How to correctly choose your futuristic urban jacket?

The three most important criteria to make the right choice are: the general aesthetics of the jacket, the practicality and comfort as well as its ability to keep warm. It seems obvious that you don’t wear a big parka in summer or a small vest in winter. However, these are two garments that are very useful during a certain period of the year. It is therefore recommended to have several types of jacket in his dressing room and choose it according to the climate.

Regarding the general aesthetics of the jacket, we can not really give you advice. The beauty of a garment is very subjective and will not suit everyone. Anyway, if you follow the techwear movement closely or like futuristic urban style, you’re likely to enjoy our techwear jacket and coat selection. Clothes sometimes inspired by the Asian streetwear culture. Sober and discreet jackets in black. All with futuristic, innovative designs, at the cutting edge of technology and practicality.

Our selection of affordable techwear jackets

Because the techwear movement is a clothing style that we want you to discover at low prices, URBXN.1 offers you a selection of affordable techwear jackets that you can buy directly online. A set of jackets, coats, blousons, bomber, windbreaker, vest, techwear hoodie and many other clothing. The market leader that regularly offers promotions up to 40% off. So do not miss the opportunity to complete your futuristic urban outfit.
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