Techwear Gloves

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Inspired by the tactical gloves of the armed forces, techwear gloves are the perfect complement to a military warcore outfit. Although aesthetics is the most important criterion of choice, some gloves have protective shells on the knuckles to cope with shocks. This is a good way to protect yourself from the impact of balls during a game of air soft, for a motocross ride or during parkour practices in urban areas.

Why get a pair of techwear gloves ?

As you know, the techwear movement aims at gathering technical clothes and accessories for a daily use and comfort. Then comes the aestheticism with a dark, futuristic, warcore style with an avant-garde and sometimes post-apocalyptic touch.

In order to complete your look of the day according to your desires, there is a multitude of accessories. Versatile and design, a pair of futuristic or tactical gloves brings the final touch that we often miss in our outfit. It can be used as an accessory for a modern ninja cosplay, as a way to protect yourself from shocks and impacts or simply to keep your hands warm during winter.

For techwear style right down to your fingertips

When you own a full techwear outfit and you fully adhere to the values of the movement, every detail becomes important. A certain pride of belonging emerges and the desire to leave nothing to chance grows. This is when techwear accessories become essential to continue to perfect your outfit down to the smallest detail.

Gloves, usually worn to protect your hands from the cold, are an additional way to adjust the look you want. Futurist, modern day ninja or warcore are the variants of the techwear movement that you can implement in your wardrobe with a simple pair of gloves. In the world of techwear cosplay, gloves are a must-have item offering a multitude of possibilities. Also, feel free to browse our techwear jewelry collection to further perfect your outfit!