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Central element of an urban outfit, the techwear pants are a must-have in your wardrobe whether you are a man or a woman. Versatile and particularly pleasant in everyday life, it brings a wide variety of look. It is also found in various cuts. Cargo, tapered or athletic. Choose it according to your tastes and your morphology.
Made of innovative, comfortable and breathable materials, techwear pants can be worn in a variety of situations. To opt for a techwear ninja outfit, for a futuristic urban look or simply to ensure an ultra-comfortable outfit. In short, a techwear essential for everyday life.

The techwear pants, a must-have for urban wear

Techwear has recently become a trend and has brought a real innovation in terms of futuristic textiles. Together with the jacket, the techwear pants are one of the key pieces of this style. The perfect combination of sober design, functionality and ultra-comfortable materials. Not forgetting the large pockets placed in strategic places as well as the zippers or the straps for the urban side.

It is thanks to the rise of streetwear around the world that the techwear movement has been able to make a place for itself. We thank in particular Errolson Hugh, founder of the brand ACRONYM which is at the origin of this movement. Now widespread in Asia (Japan, South Korea, China, Indonesia, etc.) as well as in Russia and some Eastern European countries, techwear is less present in the streets in France.

Before choosing your pants, it is important to define several points. Firstly, according to your tastes, your morphology, but especially according to your comfort, define the cut that you wish. Then you can focus your attention on the aesthetics of the pants and its association with other clothes you already have. If you need some advice, don’t hesitate to follow our explanations.

Choose the cut that suits you

Very often, the cut of the pants is the most important criterion of choice. Among our selection, you will find various cuts to make your choice. Also, depending on your usual style of clothing, keep in mind that some types of clothing will not be suitable. For example, loose fitting pants with a straight cut would not be suitable with an urban ninja style.

If you want to complete a black techwear outfit with an urban ninja look, it would be better to choose tapered pants or black cargo pants tightened at the ankles. On the contrary, for a more gothic look, you can go for a wide pants with chains or other metal accessories.

In a general way and to avoid mistakes, we will recommend you to start on a techwear cargo pants polyvalent in the cut. You will be able to vary your different outfits while remaining in a certain coherence of clothing.

The importance of aesthetics

Although the techwear movement focuses on the comfortable, innovative and pleasant aspect of the garment in all circumstances, aesthetics remains an important criterion of choice. At this level, only your preferences come into play. We have classic techwear pants, tactical pants related to the military warcore movement, pants with an urban ninja look or clothes inspired by the Asian streetwear culture. For the sportsmen, jogging suits are also present with a futuristic and urban design. What to ensure a techwear style from head to toe, and this, even during your sports sessions.

Your selection of affordable techwear pants

Generally speaking, techwear is synonymous with overpriced clothing. At URBXN.1 this is not the case. Our selection of pants is offered at low prices and our products are regularly on special offer. You will be able to treat yourself at reasonable prices. Take the opportunity to browse our entire collection and choose the pants that will suit you best. Also, feel free to browse our techwear jacket collection to complete your urban and futuristic outfit.
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