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Versatile and truly comfortable, techwear shorts remain a fashion essential for summer. They benefit from an urban and sometimes futuristic look, innovative and breathable materials to regulate body temperature and techwear design to match your outfit. Without forgetting the tactical side very often present with numerous pockets on the front and back of the shorts.

The techwear shorts for an urban look in summer

Techwear clothing often has long and loose cuts in order to cover the whole of your skin. They hide the silhouette to remain stealthy and discreet like a ninja in urban areas.

The problem? These oversized techwear garments often wear hot and are not very well adapted to the hot climate during the summer period. That’s why we want to offer you a selection of techwear shorts and shorts with an urban streetwear look. You will find shorts with a cargo cut and two large pockets on the front for the tactical aspect, light and breathable sports shorts as well as shorts similar to the material of a jogging suit for a daily comfort. All that’s left to do is slip on your sneakers and an urban t-shirt to complete your techwear outfit.

Also, in terms of innovation, we have selected for you some techwear pants that can be converted into shorts thanks to a zip at the knee. The idea is simple, to be able to detach the lower part of the pants when it’s hot while keeping the possibility to reattach this part when it’s colder.

How to choose correctly your shorts ?

If you don’t want to buy your techwear shorts to wear them only for one summer, then it is important to make the right choice. It seems obvious that you don’t wear cargo shorts during your sports sessions for example. Depending on your needs, you have the possibility to buy shorts adapted for sports or shorts with a more urban and comfortable look for everyday life. Jogging or cargo effect, you just have to choose according to your personal preferences.

Another important and often neglected point is the practicality it brings. Having pockets on your shorts is certainly an aesthetic criterion, but it is above all a way to be comfortable. We use them not only to put away some things (cell phone, wallet, key) but also to be able to put the hands in the pockets. Finally, in addition to the aesthetic side, the cut and the pockets of the shorts, think of looking at how it is adjusted at the level of the size. Some need an extra belt while others have an elastic drawstring directly integrated into the shorts. So it’s up to you to make your choice!
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