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An essential part of a techwear outfit, shoes are more than ever a fashion accessory. Although comfort is relatively important, the aesthetics of the shoe plays a crucial role in the choice of a pair. For many of us, it's even the most important point.

Are you a fan of the techwear movement? Then you probably know that comfort and functionality are essential to enjoy an outfit. That's why you'll find in our collection, a selection of urban shoes very aesthetic, futuristic and ultra-pleasant to wear everyday. What to complete your style by combining the aesthetic and the super-comfortable side so sought after.

How to choose a pair of techwear shoes?

Fashion accessory in its own right, the pair of shoes has a capital importance in the choice of its outfit. From an aesthetic point of view, but also from the pleasant and practical side, it is essential to make the right choice. Among the different types of shoes that exist, here we propose sneakers and boots. Two types of complementary pairs of shoes that allow a great possibility in his look. According to the occasion and your desire of the day, do not hesitate to vary between your two pairs techwear very different. Sneakers are recommended for the comfort they provide in everyday life. For the lightness they bring to your outfit as well as for the innovative and sometimes futuristic designs. Entirely black or with a touch of white, techwear sneakers are rather all-purpose. We like to wear them in order to go for an urban ninja, Asian streetwear or futuristic techwear look.

On the contrary, techwear boots with thick soles are mainly designed for their physical features. Keeping your feet warm and dry no matter what the weather outside, ranger boots will be your best pair for a hike in the mountains or forest. Without neglecting the aesthetic aspect of the boot.

The must-have techwear sneakers for everyday use

For several years now, sportswear shoes have become a must-have for casual fashion. They are no longer worn simply for sports, but for any other activity. During a simple walk in town, in everyday life to go to work or even during a romantic date. Becoming an undeniable fashion accessory, sneakers combine streetwear aesthetics with the comfort of a sport shoe. Such a success around the world is not surprising.

In order to take advantage of the trend of sports shoes, we wanted to offer you a set of techwear sneakers with a futuristic design and an innovative conception. Shoes that are both pleasant to wear on a daily basis, particularly aesthetic, with a new urban design. Light, resistant and with the sometimes original sole, our techwear sneakers allow you to vary the outfit and the clothing styles. Wear your sneakers with a pair of techwear joggers for an urban ninja look. Wear cargo pants with a Japanese techwear jacket for an Asian feel. Or pair your outfit with a futuristic backpack and a mask for a post-apocalyptic feel.

The highly comfortable and resistant urban techwear boots

Unlike athletic shoes, techwear boots bring a military feel to your urban outfit. They are best suited for mountain excursions, long walks in the woods and hiking. Resistant to bad weather as well as to intense cold conditions, you can be sure to keep your feet warm. They are also worn in urban environments during cold weather or for a warcore look inspired by military clothing.

Designed in waterproof, resistant and rather comfortable materials, the aesthetics of the boots are not neglected at all. We find “ranger” type models with thick soles, shoes with a zipper opening on the side and small boots for the practical side. Whatever the style you want to have, our techwear boots selection is composed of shoes for men and women. A great way to complete a techwear outfit.

Browse our selection of affordable techwear shoes

Market leader, URBXN.1 offers a range of shoes at affordable prices. Walking shoes for men and women as well as techwear sneakers for everyday wear. What to complete your urban outfit while enjoying a comfort at the cutting edge of innovation.

Designed in technical and breathable materials, techwear shoes are particularly pleasant to wear. We do not hesitate to put on his pair of sneakers with a jogging and a t-shirt to go running in the street. A cargo and a hoodie for everyday life. Or his pair of hiking boots with a long coat and warm pants for a walk in cold weather.

In a completely different context, techwear boots can also be useful and very aesthetic for a warcore look. This famous techwear inspiration mixed with military clothing for the urban survivalist side. An outfit very often associated with combat sports or hunting sports. Airsoft and paintball players are also fans of this kind of outfit.

As you can see, techwear shoes reflect a person’s identity and the way he feels in society. The choice of the pair of shoes is therefore not insignificant, even though shoes are considered by many as a simple fashion accessory. So don’t be influenced by the societal norm and dare to wear the techwear clothes and accessories you love so much.
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