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Like the techwear movement, the pouches, bags and backpacks are designed in resistant materials and are particularly pleasant. Very often compartmentalized and sometimes removable, the tactical side allows a certain versatility in its use. We use it to carry our sports stuff, to go to university, as a secure pocket close to the body or simply for a tactical warcore look.

The benefits of techwear bags

Inspired by the Asian streetwear culture and urban wear, techwear bags are more than ever present in the streets. But why such a craze? In fact, they are very practical accessories for everyday life that have an urban and even futuristic look that is very popular these last years.


If you are familiar with the techwear movement and you like everything that revolves around it, you will quickly understand that it would be a shame to wear a classic backpack with your best techwear outfit. That’s why we offer a selection of futuristic techwear backpacks as well as sports bags or tactical pouches to match your look.


Although design is an important criterion of choice, it is not the only one. The practicality of a bag should also be considered based on your needs and usage. Maybe you’re the type of person who likes to keep everything neatly compartmentalized and in its place? Then a techwear bag with many pockets and compartments would be perfect for you. On the contrary, a bag with a large storage space and a few small pockets might be a better choice if you are not very organized.

Choosing your techwear backpack

Among our selection of the best techwear backpacks, you will find backpacks to carry school stuff, bags and pouches with a futuristic design, travel bags to store your clothes as well as tactical bags with a streetwear / warcore style. Some have hard shells to protect your electronic devices while others are flexible to be folded and stored more easily.

Anyway, the choice of your techwear bag is very personal and must correspond to your expectations. So don’t wait any longer to consult all our bags and make your own opinion. On the other hand, you might like our techwear mask collection. You will find all kinds of masks to complete your style down to the smallest detail.
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