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Iconic accessory to complete a techwear outfit, the mask protects the face and allows a total concealment for an urban ninja look. It is very often associated with a hoodie, a hoodie or a hat to cover the head. In fabric or hard plastic, discover all our techwear masks for a unique style!

Our selection of the best techwear masks

Find your mask according to your look. Futuristic, avant-garde, gothic, warcore, punk or simply urban, all the variants of the techwear movement are offered. You will find rigid plastic masks more adapted to the practice of air soft, paintball or for a cosplay as well as antipollution masks in fabric for a more classic use in particular in period of world pandemic. Not to mention the post-apocalyptic style gas masks straight out of a science fiction movie or video game. Anyway, you should know that these techwear masks are offered at affordable prices. So, treat yourself now!

Although the techwear mask brings a practical and utilitarian side, it is very often chosen for its urban and futuristic design so much appreciated by the URBXN.1 community. It is now a full-fledged fashion accessory in everyday life. Originally and especially before the health crisis, it was almost exclusively found in Asia. The streetwear culture has also strongly embraced this accessory as another way to express its membership in the urban street movement. On another level, maybe our techwear belt collection would be just what you’re looking for. Don’t hesitate to take a look.

Tactical techwear mask

The techwear mask made of hard plastic covers a large part of the face to protect you. It is particularly worn during air soft or paintball parties as well as to complete an artistic outfit such as a warcore or urban ninja cosplay. It also helps reduce the impact of pellets and other types of shocks that can hurt your face. A techwear rigid mask provides additional protection while giving you a futuristic urban look.

Techwear respiratory mask

An essential accessory in times of health crisis, the techwear respiratory protection mask allows you to stand out from the rest of the population and is available in several forms. They are available in soft, pleasant-to-the-touch fabric with or without a carbon filter or, more original, with a zip at the mouth. This model is particularly practical to drink and eat discreetly while respecting others without completely removing his mask.
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