Inspired by the Asian streetwear movement and military tactical clothing with an urban look, URBXN.1 offers futuristic outfits and highly functional techwear accessories. A set of pants, shoes, jackets and other clothing with innovative design.

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techwear outfits

Techwear is above all comfortable and functional clothing. They are characterized by a dark style, often black, large pockets easily accessible and adjustable straps for the urban look. It is not uncommon to find Asian patterns or Japanese letters as a reminder of the origin of this trend.

Techwear is also very often linked to futuristic accessories such as masks, bags or jewelry. Combining practicality and urban look, the techwear outfit can be worn in everyday life, but also to make ninja, warcore, cyberpunk or futuristic cosplays.

japanese street clothing

Techwear clothing : design & innovation

Created and propelled by Errolson Hugh through the brand ACRONYM, the techwear movement has long been composed of very high-end clothing. Hooded jackets made of special fabrics, pants made of advanced technologies and sweatshirts or t-shirts made of high performance materials. Thanks to many years of textile innovations, high-end techwear has unique benefits. Techwear clothing wrinkles much less quickly than simple cotton garments, the technical fabrics wick away perspiration and allow for seamless waterproofing. With the growing success of this particular style of clothing, some major brands such as Nike or H&M have positioned themselves on the trend. Of course, as you may have guessed, the main disadvantage of high-end techwear like ACRONYM is the wallet.

affordable techwear

The prices are sometimes exorbitant and have then given way to a cheaper but equally functional techwear market. Here on URBXN.1 Techwear, you will find everything you need to complete your urban techwear outfit without breaking the bank. Clothing very often breathable, waterproof, inspired by futuristic video games and apocalyptic design. All of our products are easy to wear in the street and provide extreme comfort. In terms of design, the techwear clothing and accessories we offer strongly resemble the biggest brands with additional straps. The urban side is more emphasized to best meet the needs of our customers. For a novice who is not familiar with the techwear fashion, our products could be similar to Japanese streetwear style clothes.

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affordable techwear jacket

Iconic symbol of the techwear movement, the jacket is a must-have for an urban outfit. A masterpiece that combines a futuristic style with an avant-garde side sometimes inspired by military clothing.

Available in many cuts and models, we offer a range of techwear jackets at affordable prices. Some are inspired by the Japanese streetwear look while others have a more innovative and comfortable style. Choose your thicker or thinner jacket depending on your use and the season. Windbreaker, parka, winter coat and rain jacket are our top products of the moment. Discover them now!


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best techwear accessories

Ideal to complete an urban outfit, the techwear accessory is the piece that finalizes a futuristic look. It can be found in the form of backpacks, jewelry, gloves, masks, caps, tactical bags, belts and many others… Some are mainly used for their practicality and functionality while necklaces, chains and bracelets are purely aesthetic jewelry.

Browse our collection of techwear accessories to find the final touch to your style and fully assert yourself. Our current highlights are the futuristic hard shell bag, the soft techwear backpack and the adjustable belt.

techwear fashion


The unique futuristic techwear movement focuses on the functional side of clothing. The idea is to design the most comfortable outfit to wear in all circumstances. A way to prepare for the apocalyptic world that some people envision in the near future.

We then find high performance fabrics, breathable materials and waterproof textiles. On the other hand, the design is very simplistic and focuses mainly on black clothing. In terms of cut, most of the clothes are loose, but tightened at the ends. Inspired by the Japanese streetwear culture, details like large pockets and straps are the very style of futuristic and urban techwear.

techwear shop

URBXN.1 is the reference affordable techwear clothing and accessories website worldwide. We offer ever more comfortable, aesthetic and futuristic outfits to satisfy our customers. Recognized in the urban streetwear world, we do our best to offer you the best experience on our website. If you encounter any problem, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. We will solve the problem as well as possible and in a short time.

techware, tec wear & techwar fashion

With the rise of the techwear movement and its popularization, the different spellings have multiplied. We find “Techware“, “Techwar“, “Tec wear” or “tecware“. The most common spelling remains “Techwear” which literally translates as technical clothing. It is also the official spelling recognized by several major brands to date.

In addition to the variations in spelling, there are also variations in the style of clothing itself. Some looks emphasize a more urban side, others a futuristic aspect or a more striking apocalyptic design. We invite you to discover the various variations of the techwear style to adopt an authentic look that really suits you.

futuristic clothing

Evolving in an artistic direction similar to the techwear trend, urban futuristic clothing does not hesitate to draw inspiration from big video games. Designers take for example games such as Cyberpunk or Death Stranding to make more and more innovative clothes at the cutting edge of technology. Some science-fiction movies are also a source of inspiration for futuristic techwear designs.

Offering practicality and remarkable design, urban futuristic clothes remain above all city clothes. The majority of the outfits are designed for men, but you will sometimes find futuristic female outfits. You will be able to blend in with the crowd while opting for an avant-garde and revolutionary style.

techwear ninja

Ninja techwear is an art of concealment in an urban environment. It is mainly based on black stealth outfits. Every inch of skin is covered by a garment or an accessory. Hood, mask, glove and sometimes glasses allow to cover all the areas usually not covered by traditional clothes. Stealth and discretion are the key words of the urban techwear ninja look. The ninja techwear style is appreciated by urban sports such as parkour as well as by ninja cosplayers. Of course, you can wear your outfit in everyday life.

korean techwear

Strongly appreciated by the Korean clothing culture, techwear is much more present in Seoul than on the streets of Europe. The urban feel is loved by many men and women. Unlike the European techwear, Korean techwear has more straight cut for the pants as well as large and loose sweaters. On the women’s side, black pleated skirts and dresses with tight collars make for a very elegant contrast.

Also, techwear couples outfits are pretty common styles in the city. It’s simply a matter of matching up with your life partner to ensure a common look. Beyond the borders but still in Asia, Japanese techwear, Indonesian techwear or Chinese techwear are also slightly different. It is not uncommon to find kimono-type techwear jackets, Asian characters or Japanese patterns. In short, a diversity of cultures with a common principle, optimal comfort and technicality of clothing.


Also called military techwear, tactical techwear or warcore inspired by military clothing is very committed. It is composed of ordinary techwear clothes to which we add tactical accessories such as vests or ammunition pouches as well as a protective mask. This style can be found among air soft, paintball or military uniform fans.

Dressed in black, a tactical techwear look is very similar to the futuristic style. The difference is especially around the ammunition pouches and vests as well as the air soft replicas. Ideal for a cosplay straight out of a survivalist and post apocalyptic video game.

goth techwear

Between the essential gothic look and the techwear style, the gothic techwear. A variant that combines leather, loose clothing and very often makeup. It is also not uncommon to find colors such as purple, red or white. We think in particular of atypical hair colors, black lipstick and very pale skin tone. To complete a techwear outfit with a gothic touch, you can for example opt for jewelry, wedges or silver chains. A simple way to add your personal touch to feel better every day.