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Based on a perfect concealment in an urban environment, a futuristic black streetwear look, a tactical utilitarian side as well as a sometimes avant-garde style, the techwear movement is very often associated with large hoods covering the whole head. It is also associated with the wearing of a cap, a bob or a techwear hat as well as a mask to cover and conceal the face.

A selection of techwear bobs, hats and caps

A fashion accessory in its own right, techwear caps and hats are an integral part of the urban and futuristic streetwear trend. They come in various shapes, styles and patterns. You will find among our selection of futuristic and innovative caps, hats with a fully urban look, warcore style headwear and caps with an Asian streetwear touch. In short, the fashion accessory you need to complete your techwear outfit.

In order to offer you even more diversity, you will also find techwear hoods and caps. These are made of warm, soft and pleasant to the touch materials. Just like all the hats, the caps have a very urban style.

How to choose your techwear headwear?

Go for a unique look no matter what time of year by wearing your best techwear cap, hat or beanie. To correctly choose your headwear, it is important to take into account the outfit you are wearing. The cap as well as the bob, the beanie or the hat are very versatile and adapt easily with any kind of style (urban streetwear, warcore, futuristic techwear, grunge, Asian). On the contrary the balaclava is almost exclusively reserved for the warcore, military or avant-garde look.

Concerning the size, nothing could be easier. Our models are very often one size fits all. The caps are adjusted to the size of your head by a classic fastening system at the back.

Also, feel free to browse our techwear glove collection to further perfect your outfit!
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