Techwear Accessories

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Used to complete an entirely urban and futuristic outfit, discover our collection of techwear accessories. A selection of gloves, masks, headgear, backpacks, belts and jewelry with sometimes very innovative designs.
Designed with the main purpose of bringing you a certain practicality and comfort in your daily life, some of our accessories are on the other hand reserved for the aesthetic side of the techwear movement. We are thinking in particular of necklaces, chains, bracelets and other techwear jewelry. You are a fan of the urban streetwear movement for the values it brings or simply for the futuristic design of clothes and accessories? Then don’t wait any longer to complete your style!

Our selection of techwear accessories

Looking for a practical and ergonomic bag to store your stuff efficiently? A pair of gloves to protect your hands from the cold in winter? Or a piece of jewelry to proudly display your membership in the urban techwear movement? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here you will find tactical masks to wear during soft air games, hats or helmets with a futuristic and streetwear look, storage bags to wear on your back or on your shoulder, and many other innovative accessories. In short, everything you need to complete your futuristic urban look and your techwear outfit.

Because the particularity of the techwear style lies in its capacity of adaptation to facilitate our life, the techwear bags have many pockets and compartments. We can easily store our personal belongings without fear of having them stolen in the street. Some bags also have a dedicated slot for an external battery as well as USB charging ports so you can charge your laptop anywhere. Anyway, feel free to browse through all our products to find the futuristic accessory you need as well as our techwear sweatshirt collection.